With on the go drinks on the rise, this is a huge opportunity for the convenience sector to maximise sales.

The future is bright for the category given that they can find sustainable solutions and healthier options. Adult soft drinks such as Shloer, are up by 7.6% in impulse purchases.

A Changing Future On The Horizon

Terrifying statistics state by 2050 there’ll be more plastic in our oceans than fish. With this knowledge, the soft drinks category has a major role to play in stopping this frightening prediction.

According to statistics from YouGov, 80% of us are trying to cut down on our plastic waste and are willing to pay higher prices for more economical friendly packaging.

From April 2020, the government are looking to ban plastic straws and stirrers to combat the waste made by drinks machines in convenience stores, and many c-stores are already making a change by finding suppliers that offer alternative solutions to plastic goods.

Brands are stepping up to support retailers and provide practical ways to tackle their waste.

The invention of edible, PLA (polylactic acid) and cardboard straws have already caught a lot of attention from retailers and appear to be the environmentally friendly answer to an age-old environmental problem.

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