July is National Picnic Month and at Rayburn Trading we’re showcasing our top 8 sizzling summer products that your customers want for the summer months. 

With such beautiful weather in the UK and consumers wanting to make the most of the outdoors, be sure you stock up on the hottest summer essentials that are guaranteed to sell.

wholesale pomsticks

Pomsticks Crisps

Pomsticks are the #1 crisp for snackers on the go. Their tasty potato sticks are deliciously crisp and well seasoned and come in eye-catching grab bags.

Scrumptious flavours for the entire family, there’s bound to be the perfect Pomstick packet for your consumers. Shop the entire Pomstick range with Rayburn Trading.

Boost Drinks

Whether you’re a self-confessed coffeeholic or a die-hard energy drink fanatic, Boost has a drink to suit all preferences.

With caramel latte and mango flavoured drinks being the fastest-growing flavours amongst consumers, make sure to not miss out on adding these new delicious flavours to your drinks cabinets.

Calypso Sun Protection

Vacation or staycation, you don’t want to be caught without Calypso Sun Protection products on hand or in-store.

Trusted by retailers across the world and recommended by Which?, Calypso provides effective, affordable sun protection and health care products for all ages and skin types.

Green Shield Handy Wipes

Recognised cleaning and hygiene company with products available across all major UK stores, Green Shield Handy Wipes are essential for keeping hands clean and germ-free.

Keep Green Shield’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial wipes stocked throughout your shop and at the checkout for those last-minute pickups!

X-Pel Insect Repellent

When enjoying time in the sun, the last thing you want to deal with is bugs and mosquitos swarming around you and your food.

From bands to wipes and sprays, X-Pel offers a range of options to consumers that allow them to enjoy bug-free days out for the family.

Handheld Fans

Children and adults alike can benefit from using a handheld fan when the heat gets too much.

For use outside or in, keep some handheld fans by your suncare products for the ultimate summertime pick-me-up. 

Freezer Blocks

Freezer blocks are a picnic basket and lunch bags’ best friend when planning a family feast outdoors. E-commerce or traditional store, keep freezer blocks in stock this summer!

Tidy Z Sandwich Bags

Keep your snacks and sandwiches fresh with Tidy Z’s all-purpose, slide zip-lock food bags. An all-year kitchen essential that is bound to fly off your shelves during the sunnier season.

Selling the Summers Hottest Wholesale Products 

No matter the quantity, Rayburn Trading have the hottest summer wholesale products you need at low prices you want for a profit you’ll love.

Shop our entire range of products, including confectionery and drinks, household and garden ware and seasonal items. And if you’re not yet a member, be sure to sign up today; for free, forever.