Rayburn Website Improvements (UPDATE)

Here at Rayburn we’re always trying to improve our services by listening to customer feedback or adapting to changes in the industry and our website is no exception.

We’ve recently introduced a few new features to the website you may be interested in to help when placing an order!

Back In Stock

One thing we realised customers can find difficult is keeping track of regular lines that come in and out of stock frequently. As much as we try and keep our core range in stock as much as possible this does occasionally happen.

To help we’ve added a Back in Stock section you can access from the large buttons on the left-hand side:

This will look for items you have previously ordered (in the last 30 days or so) and if they were out of stock then but back in stock now they will appear here. We recommend you check this one regularly!

Out of Stock Lines

Now when you search for an item the results may contain items that are out of stock. This way you can be sure the item exists and be confident in choosing an alternative.

Also your Favourites section will now show all your favourite products regardless of whether they are in stock or not rather than a line temporarily disappearing when stock levels get low.

Product Filters

We’re working through our product range to add descriptive categories to allow for more specific filtering. For example our confectionery section now looks like this:

This will be expanded to other categories such as Household and Toiletries soon and we will also be adding a Clearance filter this month!


If required, you can now enter a PO number at the checkout stage that will be carried through to appear on the final invoice.

Also, if we are delivering your order you can see the next, earliest, delivery day for your area.

We’re always looking for suggestions from our customers so if there is anything we need to know then fill in the website survey at the end of the checkout process!

Stephen | Development.

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