Volvic – New L’mon

L'mon New Brand Sparkling 3 Flavours made with real fruit juice to choose from. Stock up now.

Jacqueline Lane, senior brand manager for Volvic UK & Ireland (Danone Waters), said: “Now, more than ever, consumers are on the lookout for healthier products, which suit their busy lifestyles. Fizzy drinks continue to be hugely popular but are often seen as a less health conscious choice, particularly if they are high in sugar or full of artificial additives. At Danone, we don’t think you should have to choose between the pleasure of a tasty fizzy drink and being health conscious, that’s why we created L’mon – to give consumers a delicious, sparkling refreshment they can really enjoy.”

volvic sparkling lemon & lime water 330ml
volvic sparkling lemon & orange water. 330ml.
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