As we all get our Halloween costumes in order, retailers will be heavily underway in preparing for celebrating the spooky holiday.

Halloween continues to grow and grow, while British culture is influenced by the US traditions inspiring more parties, sweets and neighbourhood events.

Halloween plays a key part in our holiday celebrations with Halloween being the third biggest retail event valued at £419 million to the retail sector.

53% of families admitted to joining in the Halloween celebrations within the UK last year. But what does this mean for retailers and is there growth within the category?

Is Halloween Growing?

So it might not exactly be as big of a holiday as Christmas, but Halloween is definitely growing.

Statistics from Kantar suggests that Halloween sales grew by 5.2% creating an opportunity for retailers who prepare for the occasion.

Confectionery sales seem to skyrocket for many retailers close to the holiday as homes across the country stock up on treats to avoid the trick.

It’s crucial for retailers to take full advantage of this increase by not only stocking up on confectionery but also joining in with what the holiday is all about – creating that spook factor!

Putting in a bit of in-store theatre to add some atmosphere to your retail store can make all the difference.

Stocking up on pumpkins, masks, glow-in-the-dark accessories and Halloween decorations will provide some stock to consumers while also creating a spooky atmosphere in your store.

Spooky Sharing Packs

Halloween is the biggest calendar event for sugar confectionery and retailers should be making the most out of this.

Consumers are on the lookout for big savings and deals around Halloween with many opting for sharing multi-packs.

In 2018, more than half of all UK homes flocked to their local store to purchase confectionery – either for hosting their own parties or catering for those who come knocking on their door.

Retailers should ensure they’re maximising checkout spend by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase bigger pack sizes.

XL bags and 10 packs are good to stock up on the run-up and during the holiday while offering a range of confectionery from chocolate to crisp packets.

Getting the balance right is the trick for retailers, as it’s also important to stock up on a mix bags such as Trick or Treat Lolly Mix Bag and Monster Treats Bag from Swizzles.

The key is to meet this demand while also offering smaller alternatives for customer to mix and match in store.

Think Local

A clever idea for retailers is to join in with the neighbourhood celebrations of Halloween and let them know what you’re planning.

Staff embracing the event and making the holiday more personal to shoppers can make all the difference for independent retailers.

Offering your candy to trick or treat’ers or hosting a best dressed competition is a positive way of getting involved within the community and raising your brand reputation.

Keeping With The Scary Theme

At this time, retailers should be clever about what they purchase and where they display it.

With regards to confectionery, it’s important to remember that consumers favour sweets with a spooky appearance.

These will also stand out from your displays and engage more with customers.

Mondelez has unvelied its seasonal lineup for Halloween and the options extend from chewy delights to chocolate treats. They have launched a Cadbury Oreoooo themed around the spooky season.

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