The Stardrops Range


The Stardrops range includes a number of cleaning products, including disinfectants, multi-purpose cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, germ killing anti-bacterial cleaners, stain removing products, kitchen and bathroom cleaners with bleach, mould and mildew removers, carpet cleaners, pet stain and odour removers, leather cleaners, laminate cleaners and leather cleaners. 

The iconic Stardrops logo with the “Mr Sparkle” yellow droplet man has been a household name for generations. The Stardrops heritage range was restyled in 2016 to celebrate 70 years of the heritage range of cleaning products. The Stardrops all round cleaner, disinfectant and power cleaner with ammonia is now in the homes of the grandchildren of those who initially purchased the products at their launch over 70 years.

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Stardrops Power Cleaning
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