Soft Drinks: What To Sell To Make Those Sweet Profits.

A change in consumer tastes and the introduction of government legislation has resulted in the soft drinks industry experiencing a huge change within the last 12 months. Meaning that now it’s more important than ever to be picky with your choice of soft drinks. Here at Rayburn, we’ve asked our experts about how retailers can boost their sales of fizzy drinks within the changing market and what may be the way forward for the industry.

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Dental Distress

We can’t speak about soft drinks without discussing the “elephant in the room”. The main concern for consumers regarding soft drinks is their risk to health and high sugar content. Many parents are opting for fruit juice alternatives and looking to cut soft drinks from their shopping lists altogether. However, as a result, an area has opened within the market to make profits (with less added sugar.)

With the introduction of the soft drinks levy, in the UK, many suppliers have already developed sugar-free alternatives. Coca-cola have began spinning their diet coke range with a mixture of flavours from peach to exotic mango. The combination of new and interesting flavours, along with an emphasis on their lack of sugar, many retailers have seen a benefit to stocking these alternatives.

Make It Visible

It’s no doubt that the soft drinks industry have a history of effective advertising campaigns which have a huge impact on consumers. Just the simplicity of a picture of a can of Coke is enough to make our mouths feel dry. To effectively profit from this advantage it’s important to make soft drink displays a prominent section within your retail store. Top brands should have optimum space for advertising to make the most of demand.

It’s no secret that fast-food giant McDonald’s and Coke-cola have been joined at the hip since 1955. The fast-food chain uses prominent displays featuring Coke and even develop menu recipes with the soft drink to drive brand awareness of the two companies.

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Play On The Nostalgic

Within the last few years there has been a resurgence in nostalgic brands resurfacing within the food & beverage industry. A taste of childhood is what consumers seem to be gravitating towards in 2019. The option of vintage glass bottles appears to be a popular hit with words such as “classic” and “traditional” having a huge effect on consumers.

Nostalgia also offers us a break away from the modern day advertising which has less and less of an impact on consumers due to the abundance of advertisements seen daily by a UK consumer (estimated between 4,000 – 10,000.)

Price Marked Packs – Do They Work?

Pmps have no doubt had a huge effect on the convenience retailer within the last few years. 83% of retailers say that pmps sell out faster than the equivalent non-marked packs. They demonstrate value to shoppers and have been used by big brands such as Lucozade, Vimto and Ribena.

Consumers often use their spare change to purchase £1 bottles of soft drinks which is the advantage to displaying pmps especially when they’re next to the tills! Remember that most soft drink purchases are made on impulse and you should be utilizing this with the layout of your store.

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Time For A Boost!

The sports and energy category within soft drinks is continually growing increasing by 1.7% from last year. The mixture of two key drivers; health & well-being and a fun active lifestyle contribute to growing this industry with an emphasis on a younger demographic.

Stocking a range of “sports” themed drinks along with protein based food & beverage items can increase sales. Pay attention to the business located around yours. If a gym is located nearby you may be able to benefit from the extra traffic looking for an energy boost.

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We Don’t Have To Change EVERYTHING

Sometimes changing too much can have a bad impact on business as it’s important to make small changes and see their effect before implementing decisions. Look at the products which are doing the least amount of sales and see how these can be improved. With soft drinks, it can be a matter of preference as some of us just prefer Fanta over Sprite. That’s why it’s important to always stock a range of the most common brands for consumers to choose from.

We hope that this blog has helped with your soft drink decisions for 2019. For more information on our up to date advice for retailers visit us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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