It’s Time to Maximise The Sales In Your Tea Aisle!

Sounds great right? But before we get into that here are some facts about the ever growing consumption of tea. 

According to Tea Facts, approximately Brits drink 100 million cups of tea daily, which is almost 36 billion per year. Isn’t that impressive!


What’s near enough always sided with a brew? Biscuits and cake. And when two products are consumed at the same time it makes sense to re-arrange your store and put the two together to help maximise your sales.

Buying Wholesale Tea Bags from Rayburn? Let us tell you how to set your tea aisle up to maximise sales.  We will include coffee in this as the same goes for that. 

Tea & Coffee Stock Placement

 Tea & coffee drinkers are so valuable to retailers, why? The brands you stock have made it easy for you. The brands have put money into marketing which has allowed your customers to become loyal to a brand and once a brew drinker is loyal to a brand, it is rare they will move on. 

So this means, making sure that the most popular tea and coffee brands that are mass marketed are stocked in your store. Shop All Wholesale Tea & Wholesale Coffee. 

As we said before, a slice of cake or a biscuit or two is almost an essential to have with a cuppa.

Biscuits and cakes should be stocked on the shelves next to your tea and coffee. Why? It makes it easier for the customer to subconsciously say “Oh go on then I will chuck a few packs in”. This is perfect for you as it will increase your customers basket AOV (Average Order Value).

If you had your biscuits stocked on another aisle they are more likely not to buy as they can’t be bothered trying to find them or it may not even enter their mind that they would want a biscuit or cake to go with the brew. This is ultimately getting rid of the impulse buying and as a retailer that is exactly what you DON’T want to be doing. 

 The above maybe short and sweet but it is crucial you give it a go. It could just really work out in your favour and help you maximise sales

Popular Wholesale Tea Bag & Wholesale Coffee Brands


  • Yorkshire Tea.
  • Tetley Tea.
  • PG Tips.
  • Typhoo.
  • Twinings.
  • Nescafe 
  • Douwe Egberts
  • NY Coffee
  • Starbucks instant Coffee