Maximising Basket Value in the Tea Aisle

Stereotypes aside, we all know Brits love a cuppa tea.

And, our hot drinks consumption is growing. Last year BCA revealed that the UK’s coffee consumption had soared to 95 million cups a day – up from 70 million in 2008. 

High street coffee shops have relished this opportunity by keeping up the pace with changing consumer tastes, but can retailers learn a thing or two? 

The category has seen evolving lifestyles and concerns about health causing many suppliers to make decisions about new products and how they market them. 

Today, we look at the opportunities that exist for the category and see how these can benefit retailers from on-the-go coffee to boxed tea bags on their shelves. 

Tea Stock Placement

Tea drinkers are valuable customers to retailers given their loyalty to brands, but also through their likelihood to purchase complementary goods. 

Bread, milk, biscuits and cakes are all complementary goods to tea and should be placed within reach of your tea display shelves. 

Creating an aisle with these go-to goods will likely increase customer basket value and impulse purchasing with little effort.

Which Tea Products to Stock

Deciding what to stock is vital when dealing with the tea shopper. 

Finding a balance between stocking reliable products while not neglecting a selection of different teas is essential. 

Stocking up on well-known brand names is important, with 87% of shoppers agreeing with this statement. 

With a rise in health concerns over many food and drink categories, tea remains a relatively healthy category with a focus on herbal teas. 

Green tea has been growing year on year and many large brands have added these ranges to their portfolio. 

Rayburn Trading Provide Varie-Tea

Rayburn Trading stocks a huge variety of tea and biscuit products for your tea aisle to maximise your basket value and your customer’s impulsivity when it comes to picking up their go-to goods.