How To Get Your Business On Google Maps

Setting up a new business isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning and preparation before you can even get things off the ground. If you have found a location and your new store has an opening date set then waste no time and apply to have your business on Google Maps! If you’re not exactly technology-savvy and still don’t have your business on Google Maps then follow our guide below to get online!

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Having your business appear on Google Maps not only drives customers to your store but also helps built an online presence in this ever changing world.

Last year was a tough year for retailers within the UK. With economic and political uncertainty, many business’ felt a lack of consumer confidence was the result of falling sales. With this in mind, it makes sense to take extra steps to expand your business’s presence online!

How Does It Work?

Google Maps is linked with Google My Business which is the business profile that you should setup once you open a business. Google My Business is the profile that appears when you search the name of a company on

Google My Business

The profile showing on the right-hand side is a bio from Google My Business which you should set up by visiting:

Having this set up makes your business much easier to find for your potential customers and is a must have for most business these days. Being set up on Google My Business will give your customers confidence in your brand and will be more likely to use your services.

Statistic’s sourced from BrightLocal state “A typical business receives 59 actions from their Google My Business listing each month” & “On average, 56% of actions on GMB listings are website visits”. This shows how much setting up a Google My Business can drive so much more quality traffic to your business’ site.

In conclusion, Google My Business will boost your business’ interactions, traffic & customer confidence. To take your business to that next stage digitally, it’s a must.

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