How Colour Affects Consumers

It’s a proven fact that aesthetics are the most important factor when consumers are deciding between the products that they are purchasing. Colour is one of the key factors of this decision as it’s a direct way of evoking a feeling or emotion within us. Understanding how different colours affect us is the best way to effectively decide on a colour scheme for your retail store and branding.

As a retailer entering into 2019, it’s going to be even more difficult to make your colours stand out against larger brands and competitors. However the key is to make sure you’re using your colours correctly. Let’s look at how we can understand colours below and how they affect your customers.

How Does Colour Affect Consumers?

To begin to understand how this affects our customers we should first look at the two main types of colours; Warm and cool. Warm colours like browns, reds and orange usually imply an immediate action and is more effective with impulsive buyers. Many retailers use these colours in their sales advertising.

Whites, blues and green are known as some examples of cool colours. Cool colours have a different affect on consumers. Often consumers feel relaxed and have more of a want to think about their purchase. Bright blues are also used by many social media networks as a way of ‘perking up’ users since it reminds them of a blue sky.

What Do Consumers Say About Colour?

Studies show that almost all consumers believe that the visual appearance of a product is the most important factor when deciding what to buy. This knowledge should also be applied to the visual appearance of a retailer and their branding. Retailers with hair and beauty products should stick to a cool colour palette while those stocking food products should look at warm ones.

What Sort Of Affects Do Colours Have?

Over time, we have been hardwired to make certain associations with different colours. The impact of these influences is subtle, but effective. A number of commonly used colours are listed below, alongside their affect on us.

From understanding these colours and how they affect us, you should be able to make an informed decision about what sort of colours you want to use in your branding. Greens should be used next to natural products while black should be for luxury brands.

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