In 2021, there are an estimated 44.84 million Facebook users in the UK alone, and many convenience store owners and retailers aren’t utilising the platform to the fullest to benefit their business.

What Does Facebook Offer to Businesses?

Businesses who want to use Facebook will need to create a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page allows businesses to display their opening times, share posts and photos, engage with their followers and send and receive messages. 

For e-commerce retailers, there is the option to have a Facebook Shop where users can purchase goods directly from the platform.

Facebook also gives you the option to run paid ads which will help you reach new users, promote your businesses and/or products and gain followers.

Many convenience stores and small business owners will benefit most from being able to display their opening times, share important news and information and engage with the local community. 

Who Uses Facebook?

The average Facebook user in the UK is aged 25 to 34 years old and browses for about 23 minutes per day. 

Although your customers are likely to be of all ages, all with different shopping habits, being able to directly target and communicate with this demographic by posting updates, changes to the store’s opening times and sharing community news is a great way to build a presence online and offline. 

Is Facebook Right for My Business?

Although Facebook is a great platform for many, its suitability and how it’s used will change from business to business.

The tools an e-commerce shop and a convenience store use and how they’re used can be very different, however, both can benefit from having a Facebook Page for business. 

An e-commerce shop can benefit from most of the more advanced tools such as paid advertising, regular posting of content and scheduling, Facebook live and social stories, and many more.

Those who own a convenience store may find themselves using less of the tools and more infrequently but can also benefit from posting and scheduling content and having a presence on Facebook.

Working out the best option for your business will come down to trial and error.

Best Way to Use Facebook as a C-Store

Rayburn Trading recommends that businesses make a Facebook Page so your local community and potential customers can view your opening times, contact details and location. 

Should you choose to post or share content is down to the individual or the business, however engaging in the community is a great way to build a relationship with those who shop with you.

Creating Content as a C-Store with Little Time

With so many responsibilities and tasks to manage, finding time to set up and use Facebook is one of the biggest hurdles for many convenience store owners.

One way to keep your Facebook Page active is by sharing content from others, whether that be from suppliers, brands and other businesses within the community. 

This is a great way to not only support other pages but to keep your own regularly updated with relevant content. 

At Rayburn Trading, we often share posts about the brands and products we have available. Head over to our Facebook and follow for updates on our new lines, product offers and so you can share posts relevant to your unique business.