Chocolate: Trading With The Treats

Britain’s favourite indulgence still isn’t changing. Chocolate reigns supreme over other types of confectionery as a guilty pleasure. However as we’ve just passed through the first month of 2019, things are becoming clear as to the outlook for the market for the next twelve months.

Price marked chocolate sharing packs dominates the sales over other confectionery however many retailers are overlooking a big change with moving to healthier option for consumers.

Changing Tides – The Healthier Option

Most of us know that enjoying the occasional chocolate bar in moderation, as part of a balanced and active lifestyle, is somewhat harmless. However a change in attitude towards the confectionery market is that many consumers are now looking for healthier alternatives to their favourite nibbles.

Many suppliers have caught onto this trend and have begun to invest money in healthier snacks that offer sugar-free alternatives. Sugar-Free brand Diablo, have seen an increase in sales due to a rise in demand. They advertise devilish treats that you don’t need to feel guilty about. More info can be found on their website.

With an increased focus on sugar content, we’ve seen a rise in the sales of treat bags, which are smaller than family packs and therefore seen as a healthier option.

Diablo Confectionery

Something For Everyone!

As important as it is to stock up on the healthy options you should also ensure that you’re appealing to all audiences by offering a strong choice of products. Ensuring that you have eye-catching displays which show your range of confectionery available is also the perfect way to advertise that your store caters to EVERYONE.

Stocking up on the big name brands should be your first point of call, however, it’s important to keep your eye out for new and innovative stock within the market. Within the next few months many retailers will begin stock the anticipated ruby chocolate. Many suppliers have already began creating recipes with this new form of chocolate in mind.

Trending: The Gift Of Giving

A majority of chocolate sales come from gifting with a growing trend for personalisation. Toblerone have launched a personalised gifting sleeve which is aimed at shoppers for Easter, Father’s Day and Christmas. Many shoppers want to find the perfect gift for someone special and will often opt for the personal approach.

Consumers will usually splash out a bit more when buying for others. It’s common knowledge that we feel less guilty for purchasing gifts for other people as it’s seen as a good deed. With this in mind, consumers will often spend a little more than normal on goods they deem an “affordable luxury”. Chocolate fits into this category as many gift-givers will opt for premium brands with a higher price when using confectionery as a gift for others.

MCadbury and Bournville by Mondelēz are leading in the selection  box market with a 63% share of category value sales. 

Are Price-Marked Packs The Future?

Price-marked packs are a very effective method when it comes to demonstrating value to consumers. We know that price-market confectionery has a faster selling rate and is perfect for sharing packs, especially when placed beside a till for impulse buyers.

Many wholesalers have caught onto this increase in demand and have begun offering a range of format options to suit retailers. Chocolate bags are another important part of the PMP and sharing scenario within the market. With the emergence of “bitesize” options, Mondelēz has brought a number of its hero brands to this category including Cadbury Oreo Bites and Cadbury Fudge Minis.

Galaxy Chocolate Milk Bar Sharing PMP