Hot Coffee Products for National Coffee Week

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National Coffee Week starts on the 18th October 2021, and with UK coffee consumers drinking on average two or more cups per day, we’re showcasing our instant and to-go coffee SKUs. Instant Coffee Proucts 80% of UK households purchase instant coffee making instant coffee Britain’s most popular option for at home consumption.  We stock both […]

Maximising Basket Value in the Tea Aisle

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It’s Time to Maximise The Sales In Your Tea Aisle! Sounds great right? But before we get into that here are some facts about the ever growing consumption of tea.  According to Tea Facts, approximately Brits drink 100 million cups of tea daily, which is almost 36 billion per year. Isn’t that impressive!   What’s near enough always sided […]

New Cadbury Inventor Bars

Cadbury Inventor Bars are back with 3 new limited edition flavours at Rayburn Trading. Mondelez is bringing back the popular Inventor Bar competition with 3 new Dairy Milk concoctions; Banoffee Nut Crumble, Fizzing Cherry and No Frownie Brownie. The votes open on the 23rd June 2021 where these 3 new Dairy Milk bars battle it […]

The Nation’s Hottest Picnic Must-Haves for Summer 2021

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July is National Picnic Month and at Rayburn Trading we’re showcasing our top 8 sizzling summer products that your customers want for the summer months.  With such beautiful weather in the UK and consumers wanting to make the most of the outdoors, be sure you stock up on the hottest summer essentials that are guaranteed […]

Wholesale Sustainable Soft Drinks

With on the go drinks on the rise, this is a huge opportunity for the convenience sector to maximise sales. The future is bright for the category given that they can find sustainable solutions and healthier options. Adult soft drinks such as Shloer, are up by 7.6% in impulse purchases. A Changing Future On The […]

Now You’re Taking The Biscuit; Maximising Biscuit Sales

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The biscuit category is now worth £650 million and we know there are many important footfall drivers for the category. However, how can convenience stores make the most of the category, and are there some merchandising secrets that you might not know about? The category loosely splits into three segments – sweet, healthy and savoury – […]

Crisps At Risk? Potato Price Effect on Wholesale

The British public is serious crisp lovers and genuinely feel strongly over “the best crisps in the world” debate. Crisps and snacks is a versatile category, capable of driving your sales while appealing to impulse shoppers. However, with a rise in potato prices could this mean doom for this category? A Bad Potato Harvest With […]