Breakfast On The Go

The perfect start to the day is with the right breakfast. Most of us already take this advice and make time in the morning for a nutritious breakfast at our kitchen table. However this isn’t the case for everyone. Research reveals that almost half of us (over 25 million) are now skipping breakfast. This number has soared in the last 5 years showing that we’re becoming too busy to get the most important meal of the day.

Many of us opt for eating when it’s convenient and this could be a potential selling point for retailers. The key is to offer the right breakfast products and hot drinks by looking a broad range of tastes and habits. But how are retailers meant to appeal to breakfast-dodging consumers? Below we look at some advice that could help retailers make the most of their breakfast sales.

We Want More Choice!

With increasing access to different cuisines and ingredients, shoppers are looking at more choice for their breakfast items instead of the traditional bowl of cereal. Consumers are opting for more hot and ready-to-go foods especially during cold mornings. Retailers should be focusing on ways in which to indulge their customers by offering more choice for breakfast products and faster easier options.

Offering freshly baked goods such as croissants, scones and cinnamon rolls could be a selling point to shoppers while also including butter, jam and plastic cutlery next to your breakfast station for easy grab-and-go.

If your retail store has a deli for breakfast service, why not look at adding a twist to your deli menu by offering avocado or brioche.

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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Did you know that almost £70 million cups of coffee are consumed per day within the UK alone? As the consumers continue to work longer hours and get less sleep on average each year many are turning to coffee to keep their energy up. Retailers should be looking at how they can offer more value to shoppers by introducing meal deals with hot drinks and breakfasts combined.

By placing counter and floor stands with baked goods & cereal bars near to your coffee & tea making facilities it’s known that this can increase sales of both. However, ensure you advertise a meal deal with your breakfast food that can turn into a lunch deal after 11am.

Cereal Bars. A Fast Option?

In 1979, Jordan’s produced the UK’s first cereal bar which has been ever since seen as the quick on-the-go answer to getting out a bowl and milk. Shires Bakery’s range of Breakfast Biscuits contain a range of flavours and are seen as a more healthier alternative to skipping breakfast. In the eyes of consumers, breakfast bars are compact and easy to bring around.

The cereal bar market is expected to grow by 4% by 2020 with the key driver being a healthier, faster appearance. Weight management can also be a key selling point for brands such as Fibre One who have a range of 90 calorie bars and treats.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Many retailers comment on the number of coffee shops and supermarkets that are located near to their stores. Lowering prices and offering high quality products over these competitors can be a challenge for many retailers. Ensuring that your business advertises a faster on-the-go service and including add-ons with your hot drinks can attract customers away from long queues at coffee shops.

The appeal of coffee shops is mostly their comfortable environment and their ever changing menu. Ensure that your retail store offers the same by changing around the products you stock and looking at placing your fresh goods near the entrance to your store.

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