The Best Beauty and Skincare Lines in Wholesale

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we think these beauty buys are pretty good looking deals. We’ve whittled down our many health and beauty products to present you with our top wholesale skincare lines.

Fill your shelves with these beauty brands and watch your sales sore.


A brand that revolves around kindness and cleanliness, Simple is a household name and cult favourite that provides skincare that’s free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary nasties. 

Simple is actively working towards becoming a sustainable brand, reducing its environmental impact and improving its packaging and products to work towards a circular economy.

As trusted sensitive skin experts, Simple are committed to keeping your customers’ skin feeling and looking clean, uncomplicated and beautiful – whilst looking after the planet, too!


People around the globe recognise Neutrogena as a dermatologist-developed beauty giant committed to delivering effective, affordable and accessible skincare.

Guided by their belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin, their science-led skincare technology puts their customer’s needs at the centre of their mission.

Another brand actively working towards a greener future, promising to put sustainability and the environment at the forefront of everything they do.


Since 1807, Pears Soap has been a beauty staple for women and men of all ages. With heritage deep-rooted in British history, Pears Soap is a classic skincare brand that’s mild and gentle on the skin.

This beloved British icon returns in 2016 as it’s relaunched in the UK, keeping its nostalgic scent, revolutionary transparency and historical branding.

Consumers new and old flock to this soap – some for the sentimentality and others to create the popular soap brow!

Gillette Venus

Gillette has paved the way for shaving for over 100 years and the Gillette Venus lines are no different. Giving women a range of shave-changing products to choose from within the beauty sector.

Venus has been specifically designed to work with the contours of a woman’s body, encouraging them to feel and look their best, no matter the ifs, whys and hows of hair removal. 


Family-owned business BIC is renowned for its high-quality razors, lighters and pens. Founded in 1945, BIC is continuously reimagining everyday essentials to bring simplicity and joy to our everyday lives.

Being the first to launch a one-piece razor, BIC has since been a staple razor promising quality at an affordable price for both men and women. 


Since its launch in 1957, Dove’s range has grown to include deodorants, body and face cleansers and hair products, it’s a staple health and beauty product for both men and women across the world. 

A company that leads the way in body positivity and inclusivity, sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly packaging, products and processes.

As wholesale stockists of Dove, Rayburn Trading supply retailers with a huge range of lines of classic must-have products to new favourites.


A statement of the “new woman”, Charlie revolutionised fragrance in 1973 America with young, working women at the focus of their brand.

Since their initial launch, they’ve released over 20 fragrances for both men and women, making themselves a name known for timeless scents and quality.

Beverley Hills Formula

Established in Ireland in 1992, Beverley Hills Formula is a must-have for retailers stocking oral hygiene and teeth whitening lines.

Watchdog approved and recognised by dental experts across the UK, celebrities and social influencers alike have been speaking about their brighter, whiter smiles when using this brand.

Beverley Hills Formula is striving to re-write the book when it comes to creating the perfect smile – don’t sleep on their new generation products!