Big Night In – Retailer’s Guide

The Big Night In consumer concept has been through constant changes over the past decade. Back in the day, customers would purchase videocassettes alongside treats for nights-in at home. Since then the fundamentals have stayed the same however consumer tastes have majorly changed. After entering 2019, we have replaced videocassettes with Netflix series and the snacks we once consumed have changed to healthier sugar-free options. 

 Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

What changes should retailers implement to stay up to date with current Big Night In trends? – The first answer is simple. Pay attention to your surroundings. Understanding who your average customer is and how they spend their Big Night In is the key. For instance, is your retail store near to a university? Gamers, particularly teenage & young men are key consumers for quick and easy snacks such as Mug Shot, Snack Stop. The key is to look at the environment around your store and what sort of people pass by focusing on their needs.

Staying In Is The New Going Out

Staying in with good friends and a great selection of food & drink is increasingly the new going out. However research shows that consumers are opting for more healthier alternatives to their usual greasy, fatty treats. For many years, confectionery, crisps and soft drinks dominated the category, however, a trend towards a healthier lifestyle coupled with a dramatic shift in shopping habits means that consumers are leading the change to a nutritious alternative.

Biscuits Are On The Rise

Biscuits are a key selling point for retailers in the Big Night In category. We have noticed a rise in popularity for biscuits as consumers move away from chocolate and crisps to products which offer more of a variety. There has been an increase in sales of price-marked packs of McVitie’s Digestives Milk Chocolate and McVitie’s Hobnobs as they’re seen as better value for money for consumers.  Customers are also under the impression that biscuits will last longer in their home – more than bars of chocolate and crisps.

Consumers Search For Sugar-free & Low-fat

Retailers should be constantly looking out for new healthier options to their Big Night In products. Healthy options which contain price-marked packs could be the answer you need as many consumers still think healthier means more expensive. There are many affordable options for healthy snacks such as Diablo’s range of sugar-free chocolate and confectionery. Studies show that 41% of consumers are on the lookout for products with reduced sugar thus stocking a range of healthier options while also providing the stock for consumers to ‘treat’ themselves is the key way forward. 

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