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Find Out What The Best Selling Soft Drinks Of 2022 Are!

We can all agree that the weather at the moment (At the time that this blog was created) is mega. The sun is shining, it is hot, everyones mood has lifted. life is good!

But what can make  it even better?

A best selling soft drink to quench your thirst. 

Now there is one issue! There are 100s of soft drinks out there to choose from, so the choice of which one to go for and stock your shop with can be tough.

Luckily for you we have selected the drinks that Brits love the most and have put them into a list for you.  

In no particular order the most popular soft drinks in the UK are….

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Pepsi is a drink that has been around as long as one can remember. It originates back to the 1800s and the reason it is still ever so popular and still going now is because it tastes so good. Along side standard Pepsi, Pepsi Max is also a fan favourite. Click To Buy Wholesale Pepsi Max. Both of these popular soft drinks are good for stores and restaurants. Its biggest rival is the Coca Cola Soft Drink . Coca Cola also famously known as Coke has its place as potentially the worlds best and most known soft drink, especially when it comes in a glass bottle. 

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Fanta  as a whole range is just mega. From the Fanta Fruit Twist to one of the most popular soft drinks Fanta Orange, there is a flavour for everyone. However, Fanta Orange is the best seller in the Fanta Product range. It is a sell out year in year out, in all types of convenience stores, mini markets and supermarkets. Don’t just have your eyes set on the orange, once the sun is shining and the UK gets hit with a heatwave, Fanta Lemon comes out to say hello. 

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Dr Pepper, It’s probably one of the most debated about soft drinks to date. Some people love it, some people hate it!

Saying all that, it is still one of the most bought soft drinks in the UK. Year on year all shops of different sizes are stocking Dr Pepper 

HFSS – Food And Drink That is High in Fat, Salt And/Or Sugar

Best Selling Soft Drinks Of 2022

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