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About Rayburn Trading No.1 Wholesaler

Here at Rayburn Trading we are known for being the No.1 Wholesaler globally. Why? We constantly have over 4000+ Products in Stock, Dedicated Account Mangers, Huge Range in Multiple Product Categories, UK Delivery & Global Export Delivery Services.

But enough about what makes us number one, you are here to know more about us Rayburn.

Our founder Benny Goldman originally started selling supplies from American Ships back in 1948. From there he knew he was on to something and Rayburn was born.

You may know that we are currently based in the heart of Manchester. Known for its music, passion, artists and industry building it is constantly growing and a great place to be and that is why we have never left. 


We first moved into a new 25,000sq ft. premises, a former bowling alley, with 30 staff including the current Managing Director Michael Goldman.


Fast forward 10 years to 1976 Rayburn then moved into a new 35,000 sq ft. building on Cheetham Hill Road, due to the old premises being burnt down due to an electrical fault.


Through passion and drive from the whole Rayburn team we  started to make waves in the wholesale scene and before we knew it we needed more storage space. 


In 1995 Rayburn Trading Wholesale acquired a new storage warehouse in Bury with 100,000 sq ft. of storage, giving over 5,000 pallet capacity.


This enabled us to grow and push our product range even further.


Skip to 2004 we had another move, this time into a custom built 95,000 sq ft. warehouse, we also celebrated our 50th Anniversary while unpacking. 


50 years in business and we were smashing it!


As the years flew by we were on a rapid growth spurt helping us to achieve the Winners of the Queen’s awards for Enterprise, for International Trade in 2011 and surpassing 170+ staff members. 


Hopefully now you know a little bit more about the birth and growth of Rayburn Trading. 



If you don’t know what we stock here at Rayburn Trading let us answer this question for you.

What do we stock and what can you bulk buy? 

Let us tell you. We stock Wholesale Confectionary, Wholesale Soft Drinks, Wholesale Toiletries, Wholesale Dental Care, Wholesale Hair Care, Wholesale Male Products, Wholesale Female Products.