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A Family Business

Here at Rayburn Trading we have been a leading wholesaler in toiletries, confectionery, household items, food & drink and many more lines since 1948.

At Rayburn we pride ourselves on our 4000+ lines and competitive pricing.

What makes Rayburn Trading the NO.1 wholesaler in the UK & Worldwide?

Our wholesale toiletries, wholesale confectionery, wholesale household items, wholesale food & drink and many more bulk buy lines can be shipped out to most of the UK and can even be sent across the globe. So, if you are in the likes of America and are looking for wholesale products our looking to bulk buy products you are in the right place.

Our ranges are incredible for each category of our business (We Only Supply The best).

If you are searching for confectionery wholesalers UK shop with us here at Rayburn. We stock some of the biggest and best brands from around the world. Not only that we can also provide exclusive ranges when working with our brand partners. We stock brands like Cadbury’s, Nestlé, Mars, Kinder, Haribo, Swizzles and many more popular brands. wholesale confectionery suppliers.

It gets even better…

Our Soft Drinks Wholesale range includes brands like Vimto, Lucozade, Ben Shaw’s, Pepsi, Coca cola, Red Bull, Volvic, Harrogate, Boost, and many more best-selling brands. If you are looking for wholesale soft drinks, look no further! We have the best-selling brands and have some of the most competitive soft drink wholesale prices in the industry. Looking to import these wholesale soft drinks into your country? Talk to our sales team for all things products and delivery options…

Everyone loves a clean house, that is why provide wholesale household items like Ariel, Fairy, Febreze, Cif, Persil, Domestos and many more top cleaning branded products to help your customers keep their property clean.

We don’t stop there….

We even have a pet range to keep your customers pets happy. Most of us have them and most of us love them (Well we certainly do at Rayburn)! That is why our wholesale pet food, Wholesale pet treat range and more wholesale pet lines is a fan favourite with shops and businesses like yours. We stock big brands like Bakers, Pedigree, Cesar, Dreamies, Felix and may more to keep owners happy and pets even happier.

At Rayburn Wholesale we keep adding the latest and the greatest product lines. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our 4000+ lines just give us a call on 0161 214 1320.